NaNoWriMo Catch-up Day Liveblog

Okay! I am super behind. Today is Sunday, and I have nowhere I have to go, and I am going to chain myself to this desk and see if I can hit 40k today. (I’m currently at 25k. AHHHHHH!) Here we go:

8am – Time to start writing! I mean, first, coffee. Then writing.

8:30am – Computer power cord breaks. OF COURSE IT DOES. Does this mean I have to try to write 15k before my battery dies? WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME?!? All is lost. That’s it, I’d better give up, fling myself on the couch, and start Netflix binging.

8:35am – Shopping for replacement cables on Amazon. (AKA “Not Writing”)

8:40am – Google if I can connect Zak’s old bluetooth keyboard to my phone and write that way. (AKA “Still Not Writing As The Battery Drains Away”)

8:45am – Poking, bending, and wiggling the charging cable seems to have fixed it for now. No excuse for procrastinating any more! But, well, that was stressful. Better take a break. And get some more coffee.

9am – Oooo, I should write a blog post about this. Let me open another tab and spend time procrastinating by typing words that don’t count toward my 50k. (You are here.)

9:15am – Actually start writing. (Well, after pouring another cup of coffee and changing my background music three times.) Beginning word count: 25,199 words.

10am – Break time! 28,856 words. I can totally do this!

10:30am – WOOHOO 3OK!! I deserve a break! And a snack. 😉

10:45am – Back to work!

10:50am – I don’t usually spend this much time staring at my fingers. I should paint my nails. No! I can paint my nails in December. Onward!

11:30am – Lunch break! Leaving off at 32,203 words. 1/3rd of the the way there for my day’s goal!

12:30pm – …Netflix happened. Oops! Time to make another cup of coffee and get back to it!

12:45pm – When your hands are shaking too much to pour another cup of coffee, that is a sign it is time to switch to herbal tea. Good thing I have a box of Stash Peppermint tea in the cupboard! Quick break to put the kettle on.

1:30pm – 35k!! YAY!! I am 2/3 of today’s goal of writing 15k to reach a 40k total. This is looking good!

1:40pm – Stop writing to text Zak and tell him how well I’m doing and hint not-so-subtly that he should bring me home a fancy coffee drink as a reward for all my hard work. He agrees. Back to work!

2pm – 36k and my hands are starting to hurt. I’ve written 11,000 words so far! I think it’s time for a stretch and a snack. And maybe even a little bit of Netflix to recharge my batteries!

3pm – Did half an hour of yoga (this video – by my favorite Yoga with Adriene) and feeling ready to get back to it! (No Netflix, even!) BUT MY STINKING POWER CORD STOPPED WORKING AGAIN! ARGH!! Wiggling it doesn’t seem to be working. Going to try to type fast and see how long my batter lasts.

3:10pm – It’s working again! Still going to try to type fast, haha. Who knows when the darn thing will go again.

3:30pm – 37k! Just in time for Zak to come home with my latte. Going to take a break, re-caffeinate, and recharge. Only 3k left to go until I hit my 40k goal for today. Starting to think I might make it to 45k, and actually be fully caught up!

5pm – During my break, my power cord stopped working again. Let’s see how far I can get before my laptop dies! It’s at 90% right now… yikes!

6pm – 40,000 words!! I am on fire!! I am full of energy! I am ready to try to hit 50k tonight, why the heck not! Except: my laptop is still not charging. The cable I ordered doesn’t get here until Tuesday.

6:30 – Zak helps me frantically google to find out if anywhere local has a power adapter that is compatible with my laptop for sale. No luck. Time to try the Bluetooth Keyoard. Zak finds it at the back of a closet and puts batteries in it for me. IT WORKS! In fact, I’m using it to type this on my phone right now. Hooray! The day is saved, and I can write on my phone’s Ulysses app until the charging cable gets here form Amazon on Tuesday. PSA – ZAK IS MY HERO AND I LOVE HIM THE MOST. Now, time for a dinner break before bringing this manuscript home tonight. 🙂

NaNoWriMo: The First Half

So we’re a little over halfway through this year’s NaNoWriMo, and my draft is sitting at an even 20k.

Week One went swimmingly. I was still off from work on the tail end of recovering from surgery for the first two days of November, so I was able to get a great head start. I hit 10k in those two days! Then, I snail’s paced on until the weekend, where I sprinted my way up to the 20k mark. I was steadily adding a few hundred words each work day and got myself solidly ahead on days off. Woo hoo!

Writing with an outline has been WONDERFUL. I’ve written with outlines before, but they were hastily-designed outlines and thus caused more problems than anything. This time, I spent time not only writing an outline, but revising that outline, and moving it around, and working out all the major plot and subplot developments until I was happy with the structure. This has made high-speed drafting SO MUCH EASIER. I know what I need to write, I have everything broken into scenes, and I can whip out a few of those scenes in one writing session. I am never, ever writing any other way ever again. I am so excited to outline about a million other projects and am trying very hard to keep them until December. (Go away, ideas! I don’t want to see you until next month.)

Week Two was going fine until, well, the presidential election. I stayed up late, was overtired and grieving for several days, and by then had no momentum and no motivation. Honestly, this year’s NaNo project is small-scale and personal, and my heart and focus were simply locked on bigger in light of events. If art is political and all that, well, I need to do better. We all do, I suppose, but I’m ready to get on with my small part.

I wrote 1,004 words today. I could still pull this off if I get back to my Week One pace. I think there may be some value in finishing, even if I decide I want to toss the damn thing in a drawer and move on to a different project next month. Follow through, and all that. I’m not going to be too upset if this year isn’t a win, though. I already got some valuable lessons from this project and I feel good about heading into December with new writing projects.